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About Us

About Us

Theory of Love

Theory because this is our point of view,
Which might not be your point of view,
However, you may like it.
Love is an essence,
Meaning and way of living for us.
In our theory love had given birth to love.
We have love.
We crave for love.
We strive for love.
We find love... and make love.
As to create love and to expect love,
To give birth to love,
To care with love and educate with love,
Because we do believe in love
   and we live for the love.
Love is today and tomorrow.
Love is past, present and future.
Love is happiness.
Love is disappointment.
However... love is unconditional, boundless, explicit and open,
   when we speak of love and our children.
They are unpredictable... and charming
They are real... because they dream
They are beautiful... /because they wear Love Made Love/
They are loved... because they love
They are our children... made with love

They are our small world of love.

Love made Love is a small world that will grow and develop
as it has been created with love for the love.